We have one celebrity event a month. Each member chooses one celebrity to become. They can be any era of that celebrity. I usually just alternate between different eras of Cher because I find her career to be completely fascinating.

People often choose more controversial celebrities just so that they can act wild and say bullshit all night and get away with it. I understand this desire, it is fun. I was Miley Cyrus one month while she was attracting all sorts of cruel and unfair media attention. It was fun to act sexually uninhibited, I spent most of the evening with Lena Dunham. We were both having these very female-in-public-eye experiences, and discussing them, and being similar in age but completely different in public perception.

We recently disallowed and political figures, it was becoming too controversial to try to have a grown-up discussion with Donald Trump or Kellyanne Conway without it becoming a farce and taking everyone out of the moment.

These events are our best opportunity to let loose. We get the dinner catered in, we have a bar, and people seem to really enjoy this event. Many of our members like to attend this event in drag, extending their compassion to include acknowledging the feelings of the gender they don’t usually embody.