The roles within the Retreat Planning Committee are as follows:  

  • Honcho: the honcho is the administrative touchstone of the Retreat Planning Committee and standardizes communications, makes sure everyone is heard and every idea is documented, and generally keeps the committee on track. This is basically a project management position.  
  • Finance and Secretary Boss: because there may be expenses incurred during the planning phase, the secretary is responsible to collect all receipts and facilitate all reimbursements. They are also the voice of the Committee to the rest of the community. They send out emails with deadlines for response, ensure all questions are answered, and sends out planning committee minutes to the community so that everyone is on the same page with regards to progress. 
  • Supplies Czar: tracks and maintains group supplies 
  • Head Chef: leads the development of a menu and prepares the largest portion of the big meal  
  • Sous Chef: under direction of the head chef, helps develop a menu and prepares many of the sides for the big meal